My app got deleted after a refresh

This is a distress call.

I was making finishing touches to an app I have been working on for weeks. I added an image to the body of a Group, and when I didnt like it, I cleared the image (to remove it). I noticed that despite clearing it, the image was still showing on my app. So I decided to refresh my design tab to see if it has cleared. When I refreshed, an alert appeared, something like ‘your last changes will not be saved’, so I accepted it. When it reloaded, I was shocked to see that all the pages of my app are gone. I can’t find them again.

Pls I need urgent help on this. I am having panic attacks already.

Uh… you were shocked that after accepting the message that said your changes won’t save, that they didn’t save?

Few things to check here.

  1. Are you sure you were on a new app, and not a bubble tutorial? Bubble tutorials are not saved.

  2. You may be able to revert to a previous point in time.

If you’re still having trouble or not sure, I’d reach out to bubble support.

I accepted it because it said ‘my last changes wont be saved’, not ‘my app will all pages of the app will be deleted.’

How can I revert to a previous point in time?

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