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My app isn't appearing in live mode

I made my app public for a few minutes then changed it back to private but I keep getting the following notification:
Oops! You’ve pointed to Bubble, but we don’t have an application associated with this domain yet!

What can I do?

It means you have not verified the domain for your Bubble app. Go to your Domain settings panel and follow the instructions, which there will be if the process is incomplete.

You will be required to update DNS record settings for the primary domain

Thanks that worked.
It’s so weird that I had to do that though, my app was verified and working fine up until the time I made it public.

Did you switch from http to https? As in did you enable SSL on the custom domain? That could have caused some hiccups. Were you accessing the site at a domain before?

lol nope didn’t switch anything or add anything. I’ve been using this domain for a few months now.

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