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Switched to Private app and set up a custom domain, now I can't go back!

Howdy. I toggled my app to “Private” as I was messing around with it, and then put in a custom domain. I didn’t actually want to set that up, I was just poking around, so I deleted the custom URL and switched the app back to public. Now it doesn’t work! It’s trying to load my app on the custom domain, and it also looks like the URL it’s trying to use is wrong anyway: the domain I put in is, and it’s trying to open

Doesn’t look right… but I don’t want to use that domain anyway! How do I go back to how things once were?


Give it some time, if it doesnt fix within 24-48 hours then I would recommend contacting Bubble support but it could take time, be patient :slight_smile:

Try copying the app, with the copy data checkbox selected and then once its copied delete the old one and recopy so you can use the original name again. Done this plenty of times with various issues…

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