My app logs me out when I move from homepage

Hi if anyone has an idea on how to solve the problem I’m having I would really appreciate it. The problem is after I login and land on user home page. If I try to move to any other page I get logged out and taken to the index page. This is happening since March 7th afternoon EST on both live and dev apps. It is very strange because I have not done any deploys since the week before that. I also recieve sometimes a message "Sorry your login session has changed/expired… please try again. This messages disappears when I wipe the cache but the strange behavior continues.
In advance thanks to the whole Bubble community for being there and supporting.

In development mode, click on step by step ASAP to debug the issue

Thanks for your advice, I forgot to mention I had already done that and it didn’t mucj¡h clues as what the problem was. When the app triggered the Page Is loaded workflow on the header it would just log me out and take me to the index page. I found out the problem was a javascript routine I was running that used a deprecated function “unload”. Took it out and now testing.

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