Keeping user logged in not working

Please help me. We have a short time to launch this application however i am stuck at one big issue.

The issue is that, no matter i log in user from email and password / or i use log in to Facebook option, the user is logged out whenever i refresh the application link and will return to index. I have checked keep logged in option. Nothing works.

Page i want to load once user is logged in :

However, everytime it takes user to :

what i want is if the user has not logged out, and opens the application it should go to page.

maybe if you can share a link to the editor I or someone else can take a look. I´ve never had this happen to me. By any chance do you have a workflow on your page that says “when page loads>send user to index”?

Thank You for your quick response. I forgot to add that workflow. Added it. And now it works perfectly.

Thank You. Have a Blessed Day :slight_smile:

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