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My Bubble app is currently #8 on ProductHunt

I made an AI Therapist chatbot that you can vent to for free at! Thanks Bubble for saving me all the work to do a frontend and setting up a database :slight_smile:

Today is the ProductHunt launch and is currently #8!

If you could spare some time to engage and upvote the ProductHunt post, that would help greatly to spread the fire :slight_smile:

The ProductHunt feature is here:


Nice product man!! I upvoted it just now!
What are you using for the AI? :slight_smile:

I honestly think the interface could be more abstract to make it appealing to more people :slight_smile:

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Great thanks for the upvote. We ended the day at #7 :slight_smile:

I am using GPT (need to talk to external servers off Bubble for that).

Oh I am really new to design - what is meant by an abstract interface?

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Are you using openai/other or do you train the model itself?? :open_mouth:

Well I mean you could try a different background, maybe do the interface in a more modern design.
You can check for some inspiration in:

And some tools to help you :fire:

This one is for generating color palettes, but also it helps you to visualize. This gives you an idea on how to use your color for the frontend elements!

Also something similar from Google with their precise guidelines :slight_smile: