My elements just vanished - help

I created a group and added a dozen elements into it. Some were text elements and others were multiline text inputs.

I went off and created a cloned page and then when I went back to the original page all the elements in the group had vanished. But when I clicked on the ‘Search elements’ dropdown they were all still there - just not visible.

When I selected each of them they reappeared, but then after navigating to another page and then returning to that page that had all vanished again - argh!!!

Everything was going so well.

Hope someone can help.

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Make sure this button is checked. You might be hiding the elements. That or there may be something on top of it that is hiding it. You can right click and choose “bring to front” to make sure it is on top of everything. There may be some other things too, but lets try this first.


Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


I don’t think it’s that Jason as the elements actually show up when I preview the page. It is just that I can’t see them when editing the page. Weird.

Durrr. I figured it out and should have thought to check it first.

I went in to the Element Tree and for some weird reason all of those elements had just randomly decided to hide themselves. The only thing I did was clone that page so can’t see how that hid all those elements, but it did. Maybe it is some kind of bug.

Thanks Jason and James for your quick offers of help. Much appreciated.


If you can’t see them when editing the page, then @J805’s solution should work. Have you tried the the Element Tree?

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