An entire group disappeared from my app (kinda)

My app is built on the new responsive engine. I have an element which I can find by searching here in the search bar.


When I select “View Element In Tree” nothing happens.

This element belongs to a group on my page which also disappeared on the designer but the workflows remain & I can find the elements by searching their names. Any ideas?

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Rename the other button cancel you can see to something else. I had a similar issue where 2 elements with the same name, one wouldn’t show. I renamed one, and I was able to access it again.

Just tried, nothing happened. I have this same issue with all the other elements (they have unique names) and they don’t show up in my elements tree.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re describing, but I do occasionally find that the Reveal in the elements tree button doesn’t work. However I’ve never had a situation where an element was present in the elements tree but not on the page or vice versa.

Also, just FYI, Bubble maintains its own internal unique IDs for all elements, so the user-specified name shouldn’t impact functionality. However, for your own sanity and efficiency, it makes sense to give each element a unique name.

The thing is I need to edit the element but I can’t find it. They also are on my canvas but not in my app so it’s a big problem.

I just experienced the same problem with elements disappearing while working with them on the editor.
I experienced this problem when I was using the Signup Login Form on a single page app as I needed to hide other page elements if the signup/ login form is shown. unfornately all my elements have disappeared, the only thing that remained are popup elements.

Please assist

I contacted support & they had to manually restore my elements

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