My First App — Go LIVE Checklist?

Hey Bubblers,

After months of crash courses, tinkering, and lots of support from this amazing community, I’m getting close to feeling “go live” confidence. However, this is my first Bubble built app and I want to do my best to avoid any common pitfalls for newbies in a live environment.

Here’s what’s currently on my checklist but I’m sure I’m missing some big ones. Please reply with any checklist items I should consider, it’s greatly appreciated!

  • Check all role permissions (guests vs role vs role 2)

  • Google analytics integration and testing

  • Double check all payment flows

  • Test load times/bearing? Is there/should we do any testing for this?

  • Label all page titles, meta tags, OG images

  • Double check all user settings and auto binds with database

  • Test all workflow emails (forgot password flow, etc)

  • Double check UI/UX of all areas (responsiveness on mobile, sizing, etc)

  • Have a report/bug/support system in place for communicating with users during initial launch phase

  • Down for maintenance workflow (how would I set up a one tap switch to “shut the site down” in case of an emergency)

  • Ensure any legal needs are linked and met (terms of service, cookies acceptance, etc)

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