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"Things you need to fix before going live..."

Hey Bubblers - I fixed an urgent bug tonight, and went to push the update to live, and got the message “We’re not ready for prime-time yet! There are 4 things you need to fix before going live…”

The thing is, I’ve hosted this app for 2+ years with these 4 “issues”. They are all “remember to fill out [name] field” for API calls. In short, I use 1 API call for 4 different flows for efficiency.

1 flow does not require one of the API fields, so I leave it blank. I’ve been running the app this way for 2 years, and never had an issue pushing to live.

Is this a new update to the issue checker, where every single issue needs to be cleared before pushing live? I’ve tried “visiting” / “viewing” each issue, refreshing the page, etc. and can’t get around it.

This would take me quite a while to re-build this workflow to remove the issue. Any solutions? Thanks in advance!

Not directly useful but this came up 30 days ago here

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Thanks! Yeah, I saw that thread too. It seems the issue checker has been updated the past couple months, and is now being a bit more stringent. I’m hoping this isn’t the case, because this would be a ton of work for me.

OK, I feel silly. BUT in my defense, Bubble never required this in the past.

All I had to do was go to the API Workflow (backend workflow) in question, and check “optional” on the field I wanted to purposefully leave blank. That removed the “issues” and I could push to live.

However, for anyone who stumbles across this - it does seem that the issue checker has become more stringent. I used to be able to push updates without any trouble - even if there were a few lingering issues. Now, it seems it needs to be totally clear.