My form allows you to include blank fields

Good evening, I have a problem with the fields on my form. When inserting a record, the cursor returns to the first field to insert another record and if by chance I click on the insert button without filling in the fields, it includes a blank record in the table. How do I only include if there are values ​​entered in the fields?

I think this shouldn't be empty flag should do the trick for all of your inputs OR if it can be empty, you can prevent Enter to submit things.

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you can still have a blank record if the user inputs only spaces. You can leave “this input should not be empty” unchecked and then add a condition to the workflow writing to the table ro run only if “input x value trimmed is not empty”. The trimmed operator will remove spaces at the start and end of the value. add another workflow with the opposite condition to display an error message to the user.