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My header reusable element changed into my old (deleted) reusable element

So I am building my app, I built 2 different “Header” Reusable Elements around 3 months ago and I deleted the first one and decided to use the second one for all of my headers.

Just now, I wanted to edit the header design and suddenly the whole design changed into the first one that I deleted 3 months ago (but the name is the same). Anybody else have experienced this?

When I try to click “Edit Element”

It refers back to the old design still

I tried to make changes to that reusable element, but it does not change the ones that I put on my pages.

Is there a “history version” of reusable element or something? Am I missing something?

I have no idea why that is happening, but I would just replace all of the old elements with the new ones by had and see if that fixes it.

That’s what I ended up doing, but it’s such a waste of time, creating the template again from scratch and replacing the old elements because I have some workflows connected to the headers on each page.

Just want to make sure what happened there to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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