Header reusable element disappears

I have been learning and doing a deep dive into this ecosystem for the last 45 days, and I have built a fairly complex Instagram clone so imagine my surprise when I could no longer find my header element while building a fourth test app. After over an hour of searching everywhere in the editor for a header element that I know comes by default in every Bubble app, I am giving up and checking in with the community to get some enlightenment. Again, I have used the header element in my previous three apps, for crying out loud.

@ boston85719’s issue Undo Changes Button Deletes Pages and Reusable Elements in this topic is what I am experiencing. I am sure I have used the undo button several times for other steps. I am also sure that I did not delete the header element. I wish someone gave a simple and clear answer to his concern before it was closed.

I will appreciate any constructive feedback.

If you know when it was you last saw it and didn’t make any changes you don’t mind losing to get it back, you could use the revert to history feature and go back to that time.

Otherwise, if it is not available and is lost, you could just copy with workflows from one of your other 3 apps the header.

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Thank you so much for your swift response. Since I have your attention, could you kindly tell me the best way you have found to do this:

copy with workflows from one of your other 3 apps the header.

I mind losing the changes that I have made, but for next time, if it isn’t too much bother, can you also tell me how you did this as the answers I found are nuanced:

Thank you in advance.

Open the app you want to copy from and the app you want to paste to…in the app you want to copy from you would right click your mouse and select copy with workflows. In the app you want to paste to you would then right click in it and paste with workflows.

First have to create a reusable element to paste everything into it…then look at the errors and resolve.

Revert history is by clicking the development dropdown in top right of editor and select history

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 2.09.25 AM

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I am so appreciative of your kindness. Thank you for the guide. What’s your take on the header element disappearing? Are you convinced it’s a bug or not because I never saw a resolution in your topic?

For your situation I can’t speak on it…when things happened to me, it was a bug that Bubble resolved as it happened at a time they were making some major changes to the platform that had some unexpected outcomes.

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