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My iOS app was rejected today partially beacuse of the "restore purchase" button

Hi Guys,

My app was rejected today partially beacuse of the “restore purchase” button. I do not know how to fix it. How would you resolve this issue?

Here is the comment from the Apple Appstore Reviewer:

We found that your app offers in-app purchases that can be restored but does not include a “Restore Purchases” feature to allow users to restore the previously purchased in-app purchases, as specified in the “Restoring Purchase Products” section of the In-App Purchase Programming Guide:

“Users restore transactions to maintain access to content they’ve already purchased. For example, when they upgrade to a new phone, they don’t lose all of the items they purchased on the old phone. Include some mechanism in your app to let the user restore their purchases, such as a Restore Purchases button.”

Next Steps

To restore previously purchased in-app purchase products, it would be appropriate to provide a “Restore” button and initiate the restore process when the “Restore” button is tapped by the user. Note that automatically restoring purchases on launch will not resolve this issue.

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