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🅿️ My little Bubble app LISTO is on Product Hunt, come say hi!

Collaborative, disposable checklists, no signups, just links.
All lists self-destruct after 7 days of inactivity.

I actually made this app without the intention of making it public. We use it with my family for quick lists that we can throw away after use, like chores around the house, shopping, party supplies, etc. Since it’s been pretty useful for us, decided to make it public.

The idea is simply, you create a list, share the link, and anyone with the link can add and check off items. Then after use, throw it away.

Come say hi!

Would love your comments guys. Can also talk about what’s under the hood. It’s not the most sophisticated app I’ve made, but definitely the most immediately useful.

Thanks everyone for the support! It was a fun launch day. 114 lists were created and 326 items. I got great ideas from the community, very grateful for that! The next few days will be very interesting as potentially real usage starts to come in.

Created an ideas board for LISTO here if you want to add something (thanks for the idea @mikeloc:

:pray: Thank you everyone!


Checked it out. Looks pretty useful!

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I know that bubble creates a unique ID for all users, even those not signed in. Would be cool to add some sort of avatar situation on the lists like you find on public google docs with anonymous users. i.e. “Wondering Wallaby”, “Picnicking Panda” etc. Would make it a bit more social friendly.

It’s a good idea! This kind of feature is great once the density of users is enough to capture these “magical moments”, like knowing that there’s someone else live right now editing the list, too. I could probably do this without user’s unique ids, just ip addresses and other presence-detection tech.

Neat little tool!

Do you plan on monetizing? Would be the perfect kind of app to wrap as a native app.

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Hey, thanks!

Have not thought about the future at all, but I’m sure it’s possible to monetize if the traffic is there. Just want to make something very useful for everyone.

Neat idea, could be good to add a delete button if someone actually wants to delete the list ahead of the 7 days of inactivity - especially if they themselves are entering personally identifiable data into the list.

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Really good use case, thanks for this. What makes me nervous is that there’s no way to prevent anyone else with the link to delete the list you created. What are you thoughts here?

Super cool, @alejandrowunderlich… congrats on the launch! Hurry up and fix the typo on your homepage. :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, if I had a dime for every time I have mixed up sing and sign, I would have an insane amount of dimes. True story.


Sure, I think that at the end of the day, sharing the link with others is built on trust - if you don’t trust them to be petty and delete your list, then you probably shouldn’t give them a link haha.

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NOOOOOOOO! Dammit! Fixed! Hahaha, thank you so much for pointing that out. Just pushed the typo fix.

It’s so annoying because the mind sees what it wants to see!

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Good way to think about it!

How about if you share it on social media, and tell your followers: “Hey guys, add stuff to this list of movies to watch” or something. There’s where I get nervous.

Fair enough - in that case perhaps we wait until you know it’s a problem before trying to come up with a solution.

However in the meantime, it might be nice to have a disclaimer on the actual list page so that new people turning up to list to add things to it, know that it’s ‘public and will be deleted 7 days after inactivity’?

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@alejandrowunderlich… feature request! :wink:

I like to keep my world tidy, and while I like the idea of being able to restore deleted items, is there any reason that items can’t be permanently deleted? So, maybe a restore icon and a “trash this one forever” icon down there in the deleted items (which I might call removed items) area? Just food for thought.

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Love this way of thinking!

Very good point! Will add!

I know exaaaaactly how you feel!

Yea, the thinking goes the same as not being able to delete the list. If you share the listo-link on social media, I’d hate it if some troll comes in and deletes all the items permanently. So I added deletion more of a “yes/no” situation rather than permanently deleting the items.

What do you think of this situation? Or perhaps I’m worrying about it before it’s become a problem?

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Perhaps, but I might be the only person who wants to permanently delete items, so maybe leave it as-is and see if this idea bubbles up. By the way, where is your idea board?!? :wink:

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“Bubble-up” I see what you did there! :laughing:

Hahaha, bam!

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Dude, you did not just do that. You freaking win.

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Hahahaha! So fun!

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