Put my Vacation Rental Widgets App up On ProductHunt Today - Give 'Em an Upvote if you Like?

I just put one of my Bubble-built projects (really part of a much bigger project) up on Product Hunt. If you’re a Product Hunter, maybe go an give it an updoot? Bubble-built stuff could use some love, right?

These seemingly simple widgets (and their big brother, a full on booking inquiry widget) are actually insanely complex in some ways and I never could have built these without Bubble. (Well, maybe I could’ve, but it would have been a lot less fun.)

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up’d Done

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Nice work Keith, up-voted

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:+1: thanks so much

Thanks, Luke!

Oh hai! Thanks for all the upvotes yesterday. TODAY, we’re #8 popular app on Product Hunt.

If you’ve not done so, help a brother out? :slight_smile:

Upvote here:

Looks awesome! Upvoted! :slight_smile:

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