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Hello All,

I have been asked by my organization to see whether bubble can do something like this for a website they want to build. Basically here is the scenario.

  1. A KML file is generated using google mymap or Google earth
  2. This KML is then used in the map element in bubble to overlay areas
  3. Along with the normal Geo Address returned with the map the overlayed area name can also be returned to be used somewhere in bubble


The information returned in this example will be

  1. Geo Address of the marker
  2. Since the marker is in the Yellow area then the name of that Name placemarker is returned. in this case “DXB002”

As we all know KML files are actually XML and thus the data stored in them are easily readable.
<Placemark> <name>DXB002</name> <styleUrl>#poly-FFC200-1-76-nodesc</styleUrl> <Polygon> <outerBoundaryIs> <LinearRing> <tessellate>1</tessellate> <coordinates>55.23470880000001,24.9538066,0.0 55.2409744,24.979834,0.0 55.24629549999999,24.988702900000003,0.0 55.2536774,24.9969492,0.0 55.281615300000006,25.022034200000004,0.0 55.3102398,25.0511187,0.0 55.3224277,25.0594384,0.0 55.3361177,25.0645698,0.0 55.3510952,25.0671744,0.0 55.364399,25.070906100000006,0.0 55.3686905,25.0613433,0.0 55.394783,25.061654300000008,0.0 55.405941000000006,25.0707118,0.0 55.3922939,25.0874257,0.0 55.44639540000001,25.1245018,0.0 55.491256700000015,25.1601627,0.0 55.4949475,25.1644742,0.0 55.4746485,25.1652511,0.0 55.396885899999994,25.1799325,0.0 55.363326,25.1858744,0.0 55.3262472,25.1846706,0.0 55.3152609,25.1806315,0.0 55.2942753,25.183155900000006,0.0 55.2895546,25.1829229,0.0 55.2817224,25.180903499999992,0.0 55.27539260000001,25.176437000000007,0.0 55.2623033,25.1622602,0.0 55.2608872,25.140933499999992,0.0 55.2586556,25.1330079,0.0 55.2555639,25.128267900000008,0.0 55.24979120000001,25.1207103,0.0 55.2433327,25.1136965,0.0 55.2329063,25.1026993,0.0 55.2399445,25.097258599999993,0.0 55.2464676,25.0897965,0.0 55.2489997,25.085132400000006,0.0 55.25015839999999,25.079613100000003,0.0 55.2499008,25.069233899999997,0.0 55.2495575,25.0558229,0.0 55.237584,25.0546182,0.0 55.22483830000001,25.052634900000005,0.0 55.214839000000005,25.047814000000006,0.0 55.2029508,25.0440048,0.0 55.1896472,25.0411276,0.0 55.1824379,25.0378605,0.0 55.1619458,25.0233759,0.0 55.1595211,25.0185732,0.0 55.1647568,25.012662000000002,0.0 55.17424130000001,25.003328300000007,0.0 55.1878442,24.9967941,0.0 55.2171113,24.986369000000003,0.0 55.2062984,24.9592916,0.0 55.23470880000001,24.9538066,0.0</coordinates> </LinearRing> </outerBoundaryIs> </Polygon> </Placemark>

I think this is an important feature for many people here, this can be used to determine different rates, prices, statistics, etc if used properly and will help many people using bubble



Hello @emmanuel

Can you take a look at this. I believe Google api have the ability to perform this function and lookup a point with in a polygon.


Well it’s a new feature, not something that come right away with the current map integration, so we’d have to look at this in greater detail. Email us if it’s important.

Hi there, there is some development on this? I’m also interested in building an app based on a map with overlayed information in kml format. Is it possible?

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same here. Something new?

Also interested in this.

+1 here.
Especially if we could create the polygons in bubble map element.

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VERY interested in displaying KML data, and even MORE interested in creating and saving polygons in the Bubble map element.


Any updates on this?

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Very interested as well, @emmanuel any update on this ?

adding my +1 here

Hey @samudzi

Google Maps Extended Plugin has GeoJSON. Could be a good alternative to KML

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+1 Native support for KML / GPX / GeoJSON upload in the vanilla Bubble Map element is at the top of my request list.

+1 for this as well - would really love KML features out of the box with Google Maps and!

I recently put together a What 3 Words plugin with Google Maps integrated into it that can utilise KML files. If it’s still of interest, then the demo is here…

If you have any sample KML files, you can try them by clicking this icon