Google Maps - advanced mapping from Bubble

Hi All,

Very new here and not a programmer, looking for some advice/direction/whatever to help me on my way.

I’m looking at building what is effectively a task/project management app with some fairly advanced mapping functionality. This is aligned to the industry I work in which is utility infrastructure installation and maintenance (electrical, water, gas, telecommunications). In simple terms it is the physical conduit, connection pits, cabling etc.

Currently we would use a spreadsheet to manage all the tasks associated with the installation of the above ‘assets’ (conduit, pits etc.). Each asset would have a row with generic information such as a unique ID, address, material type etc. as well as lat/longs. This information is provided as part of a work pack in bulk from the client in either CSV or ShapeFile format.

I envision setting up a structure using a simple project management template which organises these tasks like Client>Project>Asset>Task. These tasks can then be assigned to individual users to complete and capture data against. Each asset would then have a status assigned to it based on the completed tasks captured against it.

What I would like to do is to create a database structure within bubble that replicates the column headers in our current tracking spreadsheet and import this information into bubble. I’d then like to represent these items on a map. This is very simple to do for point data using conversions of lat/longs to geographic addresses and displaying on the built in map or other available plugins, however rendering polylines and polygons is proving to be a challenge. I also want to be able to have some customisation over the styles as well as be able to have multiple asset types visible with a layer like function. The next step would be to be able to trigger workflows from within the map itself (although not critical initially).

My initial thoughts were to use the Google Maps API contained within an HTML element. I’ve had success in rendering a GeoJSON in this way however I want the data to be dynamically updated from within Bubble and not rely on any external sources.

At the moment this is only really in the conceptual stage and I’ve just been doing some playing around but would appreciate the thoughts of others more experienced on what the limitations may be and/or other solutions or how to go about it.

Thanks all!

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