My problem is searching by a free date and searching for hourly intervals

I am a beginner web developer, trying to build my MVP in the bubble.

I currently have two important problems to solve.

1. Searching by available date
I have a database of online lesson announcements by the hour. I thought that the teacher would block the day when he cannot give lessons, so I created allDay in the booking database - no or yes (yes - the day is blocked). Students can only search by date, no hours, I would like to see only the lessons available on that day in the results. My ideas of filtration somehow do not work, please help in targeting a good solution.

2. A listing of the hours available
My second problem is to calculate the available time slots on a given day and divide them into hours and then listed in the announcement of the available hours. Just like it is on the booking pages, e.g. hours at the hairdresser’s.

I think it is simple as we have the whole day off, but once the reservation arrives, it can be more difficult. I do not know whether to create a separate database for this?

By the way, I would like to meet a person with whom I could learn bubble and English (because I’m from Poland and I would like to work in international teams one day). :grinning:

Hey @anna86g

I’d love to help, but without looking at your setup it would be very difficult for me to point you in the right direction as to the necessary changes.

Now I’m not sure if this is suitable for you - but my business is actually teaching and providing support to Bubble founders either over zoom calls & screen sharing, but also async in a private slack channel just for you. You might like to check out my website and see whether my service is suitable for you.

Josh @ Support Dept
Helping no-code founders get unstuck fast :rocket:save hours, & ship faster with an expert :man_technologist: on-demand

Thank you for your answer, unfortunately I am not able to use paid help.

If you are still able to help me, I will describe in detail how I want to filter my list:
this is my database:

I want to filter the ads to find only ads that have the same start date as the search date and their all_day is no or their booking does not contain this date or the booking is still empty.

It worked, but it doesn’t meet all of my conditions

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