Calendar Availability and Booking

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to make a booking system like rover or wag have, where the clients can select dates and hours in a page, and then go to a results page showing only the pet sitters available within or containing these dates and hours.

Right now I have created slots for the sitters, where I have two option sets, day (1, 2, 3…0) and hours (0:00, 1:00…) So each sitter can associate hours available to certain day of the week.

The problem I’m having in the results page, after getting the date and hour from the search page, I can only set one constraints to a repeating group showing sitters available. For example, if I select monday at 14:00 and tuesday at 11:00 in the search page, I can only show sitters available each day, but not people available both day.

Thank you!

you need to use advanced filters. After your search for sitters add a :filtered and then type in advanced and click on that and then you can fill in the two constraints on the same line and between them add an or

ideally you’d create the available time slots using one of the plugins available that do that for you as you really want to create a list of available time ranges which means you take a list of time ranges for a day, something like Monday 1PM-2PM and then remove those ranges that the user is not available for, based on existing bookings, and only show the time ranges in the list the user is available for…if you did that, then you’d be able to easily allow for multiple dates to be selected.

It doesn’t work with the structure of my data, where each row is a day and hours available, instead of each row being a user with days in the columns (each field is monday, tuesday…), and hours in each column (monday, tuesday…).

There is several plugins for that but I don’t really find one that fits specifically my need. Usually the plug ins don’t let you select different hours during the day, only a range that is not available. But what if some petsitter is available wednesday at 10:00, 13:00 and 19:00. Most of the plugins that I tried don’t allow that. Do you know of any or any tutorial?

I use Calendly as a backend and then use API calls to get the available date/time and display them (see example at Not Quite Unicorns). Then, I use a Zapier trigger to create a meeting which goes into my Google Calendar, and as Calendly syncs with my google calendar, it blocks out that meeting time.

You could check out my Template that is a Calendly Clone to check via the Preview function what features it has and if it can do what you are looking for. I believe it does.