My signup form "jumps" in responsive mode. Can anyone help?

Hello everybody,

I have made my signup form a fixed width and wanted to replace it with a different UI style for mobile. But before we come to mobile width it “jumps” form being centered to being aligned to the left. I have no idea why? It should be centered until its fixed width plus some margin is reached than I want to hide it and replace it with other UI.

I love Bubble a lot but the styling part sometimes is a pain. Also I checked the code. Can anyone tell me what the mysterious bubble-r-boxes are, as in this case they seem to cause the styling issue but do not know where and why they change the values?



Hi :wave:t2:,

try to check in the responsive tab if the login or the container group of this login, is aligned to left, and make it centered.

Or maybe the container group of the container, lol🤣

Do you have maybe screenshots or a video to have a better idea of what is happening? :ok_hand:t2:

Hi I already tried to center in responsive tab but it did not help.

Here is the screenshot when it looks normal:

and here when it jumps to left and padding/margin top increases

it happens at 1079px width

The problem may be in one the containers groups, or maybe a conditional to collapse margins.

Can you send me a video or various pictures (from your editor in the responsive tab), selecting the diferent groups (from your editor in the responsive tab) ?

If you click in the left menu bar the button “Explain box Margins”, Bubble will show you too with colors and # of pixels how is the setup and responsiveness for each element that you need.

Or send me a link to your editor and I’ll see it (In the settings tab, select “General”, and then at the right you can set : Everyone can view or edit, and then after solving the problem you can revert it to private.



Thanks @juancamilovasquezard your impulse has helped a lot.

I used the explain margin feature and found the solution.

So this might be helpful for others using the CSS Tools plugin. I thought it is just a visual representation on the editor while in reality it is rendered as a div and position where you place it matters. My login box margin was at a certain point influenced by this invisible div. So I just put it to the right side, where it makes no problems.

Problem solved :smiley:

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Nice to hear that !!

Have a nice day !

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