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MySQL Limit 200

I desperately need to get more rows into bubble from a mysql database than the allowed 200 limit on the mysql connector. I have written a backend workflow that does an OFFSET iterates through the next 200 rows but that’s not good enough and still very slow.

Does anyone have a technique for getting something like 5000 records either into a list state on the page or into the bubble database fast? I’m used to getting this type of information in milliseconds in our node application but using bubble because its faster to develop.

I’m speaking under correction but non-private API calls might run directly from browser to DB and be a bit faster. Never used this myself.
I once built a solution that would continually trickle sync between Bubble DB and SQL so page queries can hit Bubble DB.

Here’s an idea…

I haven’t tried this, but MySQL (not sure what DB you are using but they all are fully featured) has functions that could help here like GROUP_CONCAT. Instead of returning rows, it returns a delimited string. Bubble would see that as returning only 1 text result. You could then reassemble the string into a Bubble data type with one of the Bubble looping techniques (recursive backend workflow, ListShifter, etc.). It would likely be way faster than fetching 200 at a time. Reasonably confident this would work, but it would take time to write.

If you get it to work, could you please report back? I might want to rewrite some of my code :>