Native app height

Hello everyone !
I’m currently building a mobile app on bubble, but I want to know what are the perfect dimensions to build on so that the app run perfectly on all mobile devices? I’m currently working on page sized 380 x 670 is this okay? The problem is that on smartphones simulators with smaller screen sizes, the page appears with a scroll bar, the user has to scroll to see the rest of it. Is there any way to make the height responsive to the device’s height?

Help :confused:

Anyone guys?

For better results, I suggest splitting this post up into two threads: One for the Native app height (which is documented in other threads) and one for the API search.

There aren’t really any perfect dimensions.

For the width 380 pixels is fine, since the width of elements can be responsive with Bubble.

For the height, you can play around with floating groups as well. For example this app screen:

You can also add empty groups with a certain height (to give elements extra vertical spacing) and hide these elements on smaller screens.

Bubble definitely misses some ‘adapting to viewport height/width’ options, for both desktop and mobile… :frowning:

All in all, it will be tricky to get things perfect on any device, but you can get a long way by messing around with (floating) groups!


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