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Native app of web app?


I am a bit confused, I have finished my app and would like to add it to the Android market, but Bubble is giving me a url and telling me that I need to switch from development to live, but I thought Bubble would package a native app, is Bubble only making an app that connects to a web app?

Thank you.

Bubble is mostly for web apps right now (with a URL). We generate iOS apps but it’s in early beta (some features don’t work well yet). Android isn’t done yet and will be coming when we go out of beta. Unfortunately we can’t commit to a timeline yet.

Hi Emmanual,

So we cannot submit the apps to the Android market yet?

thank you.

No not yet.

Hi Emmanuel,

How do I submit my app to the iOS store? Do I need to contact Bubble Support Staff?

Or are there external Apple services I have to use as well? I can’t find anything on the forum with the search keywords ‘go live native app’, can you add a How to Thread to the top of the user forum?