Native bubble photo uploader duplicating png file type


I am using the native photo uploader and if the image type it’s a .png, the file gets duplicated on the file manager on bubble (screenshot attached).

This is happening on the .png format, so I’ve tried with .jpeg and .svg and none of these other types gets duplicated.

Anybody else experience this kind of behaviour?

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Are you running an additional action on the image during upload? processing with imgix maybe?

No, this is a simple profile image upload using photo uploader that has been auto-binded to a field of type image, there are no other processing tools involved, and once again this is happening to the .png files only.

I’ve just seen other occurrences of this happening.
@bubble is there an issue here?

Yes, we have filed a direct bug report to bubble this morning after extensive further testing on our side.
The error appears to lie at bubble’s side.


Me too.
I am stuck with this bug.
I have also submitted a bug report to Bubble.
I am very happy that you also submitted a bug report.

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