Picture uploader accepts all file types


I think this needs to be fixed, but perhaps someone has some input first:

In the Picture Uploader, a user can select any type of file to be uploaded. I don’t think this is a good idea, since Bubble expects an image that can be used as an image elsewhere in the app…

This is not a bug. But I understand what your trying to say. Bubble makes no real distinction between images and files

So why is there two separate uploaders in the first place. And when does it ever make sense to upload a Word document and treat it like an image?

The image uploader is provided to show a preview of the image file. But I understand what you’re referring too

Any comment from Bubble on this? @emmanuel

@AliFarahat is right, it displays the files, which works with PDF as well, etc.

It’s not a behavior we can change like this (it can break things in production), but feel free to add a condition on the workflow to prevent users from uploading other stuff.

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