Native bubble version of ListPopper?

Is there a way to achieve the core functionality of this plugin natively in Bubble?: List Popper and Friends (SSAs) Plugin | Bubble

It does this:

  1. Accepts a list of Things
  2. Allows a future step to “pop” an item off the time.
  3. Allows a future step to return the list of remaining Things (minus the “popped” item).

Can I do this same thing directly in Bubble?

Yes, you can… but the key difference is (as far as I understand) List Popper keeps duplicate items in the lists, whereas in standard Bubble, duplicates get removed… which can be a big problem when running recursive workflows on certain lists…

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@gaharrington, if you had asked this question because List Popper stopped working for you, well, it did for a time, but not because of anything I did. If you’re interested in gory details you can see this thread.

Anyway, @adamhholmes is correct in that, you could send a list to a backend workflow, then do whatever work you need to do on :first item, and at the end of the workflow, pass the original list :minus item that first item to the next recursive workflow.

But, as he points out, :minus item (like all Bubble list operators) operates setwise and, when you remove an item using :minus item, this will remove all instances of item from the list. This is often undesirable if our list is, for example, a list of numbers. This is the main feature of the List Popper SSA (but it can also preserve empty values if we send it a list that contains empty values – this is a less common problem, but one that some folks need).

@keith Thank you for your quick response last week!

That was my issue and now it is fixed.

Currently, I am experiencing another problem with a ListPopper-based API/Workflow.

This is a different workflow and the “bug” is different than last week.

Do you know of any other/recent problems with Bubble/Listpopper shinnanigans?

@keith Never mind to my last. It was a user error! :wink:

And…THANK YOU for an awesome plugin!!!

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