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Live Bubbling with @keith! Talking about how Bubble handles empty list values, inconsistently. Also, updates to List Popper and Friends to work around that

Hey, it’s time for some live Bubbling with Keith! I recently discovered that certain types of lists handle empty (null) values just fine, but that others don’t allow them. What!? While this may or may not be a bug, it’s certainly an inconsistency and Bubble should probably treat it like a bug.

At any rate, I implemented a workaround for this in my List Popper and Friends karma-ware plugin, which includes a few nifty Server-Side Actions for dealing with lists and stuff. I just published those changes as List Popper and Friends version 1.1.0. Update your plugin if you’re so inclined.

Let’s talk about it in these 2 derpy and unrehearsed videos, shall we? Part 1:

Part 2:

In addition to lists of numbers (which do not handle null values properly) and lists of dates (which do not handle null values properly), one I forgot to mention is BOOLEANS ("yes/no"s). Though this seems incredibly dumb – because false and null are both falsey – lists of yes/no’s can also not be constructed with nulls (when publishing, we have to convert the nulls to “false”).

I’ll also post this to the List Popper & Friends main thread, but I thought I’d put it here so more people can enjoy my ramblings.

Happy Bubblin’!


You rocks!!!

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I do (and thank you, also, you’re welcome) but WOW, I posted these videos 4 hours ago and I think you’re the first person to view them.

You are - so far - the sole possessor of this occult knowledge. Use it wisely, @build.clearly.


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