Native iOS & Android

Looking forward to this with an incredible amount of excitement…:heart_eyes:

Great solution”…not just “A solution”

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In the meantime we can do a lot and quickly > in less than 10 minutes! :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I would like to recommend, if you’re looking for a no-code alternative.
You can choose between two different ready native layouts and link them to your web app in 2 steps (you can configure every single screen) and customize the look and feel.

To have a preview you can download the demo:

Robust and 100% native structure with guaranteed acceptance (Google play ready build), swipe right to open slider menu, tap header to refresh.
There is a dedicated topic on bubble for further details.

Hi @Sam

Does this mean you have to pay the $35 fee to Google Play also or not?

Hello John,

Well, users should have a developer account in order to publish their app.
There is a possibility that we publish under Nativator account if required (just send a message in support messaging system will suffice).

As far as our pricing is concerned:
Wrapping only: 13 usd per build
Native UI: 59 usd per build
** Publish under Nativator account: no extra cost. Subject to web app content approval.


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