Native app top tips?

Hey everyone,

I’m about to embark on an app build where we eventually want to wrap in iOS and Android.

What things should I bear in mind, since we are at the very beginning, to stand us in good stead for going native…

I’ve built a ton of Bubble apps, but never put one in the app store. Worth noting this will be V3 of the product, V1 and V2 were also built on Bubble as web apps, now we have validation we want to take things to the next step.

Much appreciate any input!


Are you looking to wrap your app? Or looking to build a native app? Those aren’t the same thing, but based on this post, I’m not sure what you’re looking to do.

If you’re going to wrap your web app, you’ll need to put effort into making it look and feel as much like a real native app as possible. There are a number of forum posts about this, and plenty of stories of folks getting rejected (and the reasons for their rejection, which you can learn from).

Do note, it’s not enough to put a push notification feature on the app and call it good. Also, it’s much easier to get approved with a wrapped web app on Android than it is on iOS, but it’s certainly doable. @JohnMark has had success with wrapping apps using Jasonelle, and it’s a solid solution if you’re going the wrapped route. Maybe he can chime in with some of the design and implementation tips that will help get through cert.


amazing. Thanks for your input. Yes wrapping is the approach I want to take.

Ok good to know on UI design i know apple can be a bit strict on this but luckily i have worked with a developer on a pure native app and have some experience on this

In terms of Bubble specific hurdles, off the top of my head:

  • are there any plugins that won’t work
  • is it better to use pages or show/hide elements
  • does animation translate
  • any issues with font etc

Thanks again

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Hi @pauljamess,

If wrapping is what you want, try, a no-code alternative and cost efficiency.
Standard wrapping: splash + webview ($13), fast and easy.
Web to Native UI: includes native header, navigation and menu (59$).

Both support file upload, geolocation and push.


Sounds almost too good to be true!

Has anyone here got an example of a successfully wrapped Nativator app?


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Well it is true :), but for android only as of today.
Please browse Nativator main topic: - Web to Native mobile app (APK) - (Try our demo)

Three bubble apps were converted just today. Many more from outside (wp, wix, webflow etc).

Let me know if you need support. Thanks.



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