Nativizer [Plugin] - Make your apps more native

Hello Bubblers!

Nativizer is a simple plugin that allows you to make your apps feel more native. Very few things are in V1, here they are.

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Current Features:

  • Check if device is running IOS
  • Return device OS and OS version
  • Alert popup (Popup on screen with your text that user clicks “Ok”)

What I am working to add:

Example how these can be used:

  • If OS is Android, open google maps
  • If OS is iOS, open apple maps
  • If OS ver is <7 then display warning to update

How to make your app more native:
I recommend looking at this post that is constantly updated that shows you features that could make your apps more native and better mobile experience.

Have some ideas of what to add? Leave them below!


This is great. I’d love to see touch gestures like the ability to slide content rather than just tap areas.


Hi there, guys!
Wanna share with article “How to Update Apps on iPhone and Android-based Device. Follow the Best Practices”. What’s your opinion about it?

The ability to deep-link more easily would be awesome… even if has to be preset options for more popular apps for the time being, such as…

  • Waze
  • Uber
  • Lyft
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When I use the Alert popup it always precedes the text with: “Page at (url) says:” which is a give away that the app is not native. How can I get rid of that?

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Seconded for deep-linking. I currently struggle with usage issues because a user will (1) get a SMS notification about a new message sent by another user, or (2) get a help request from another user who’s sent out a distress call.

In its current form, a user has to log into the app, tap through to manually find the corresponding user, and pick up the conversation from there.

To be fair, I haven’t yet figured out native push notifications, but deep-linking would do much to alleviate a big UX pain for me right now. Not sure if your app would be the best fit for a function like this, but I wanted to at least voice a real-life data point.

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Integration with Bluetooth and obtaining the device Mac address would be great

@codurly Great plugin! Would love if the plugin can have access to the location of the native device so that an app can determine a users location even when not using the app.

My use case is to automatically count how many users have visited a location when the distance between the user and the destination is 0 km.

This functionality would be very useful.

Any updates on this plugin?