double down on Customer Support / New features

Hello Bubble Community,

Happy to share an update that we hope will improve our users experience with app conversions.
We collected many reviews during 2021 and one point was mentioned more than others was: Support!
While scaling, Nativator has occasionally faced some delays in updates, but worry no more we are solving this issue through the following CX features:

1) Conversion Tracker: This new tool allows you to monitor your apps conversion progress (live), status levels being: Queueing, Under process, Completed or Updating.
Tracker snap

2) Helpdesk Ticketing System: On the top of the live chat support we added a ticketing system for more efficiency and follow-up. Easily accessible under ‘Tracker’, troubleshooting is way faster.

3) App Store authentication rounds : Authentication requests will be sent three times a day in order to be available on all time zones and expedite this initial step for iOS apps.

4) Documentation: Now available on Conversion Interface for quick access.

5) Multilingual live chat: We speak your language! Feel free to communicate with us with your own language for a better communication.

Other Updates:

1) Bundle ID autogeneration: No need to worry about your app bundle ID (Package ID) as it is now autogenerated whille converting. You still have the option to intput your own if needed.

2) Custom loading animation: You can now pick your own cool app loading animation with Lottie. Simply upload the JSON file available on
Leave empty if you want the standard loader.


Existing features:

  • White label splash
  • Camera access & File upload ability.
  • Geolocation, maps.
  • Push notification via OneSignal.
  • Audio & Mic access.
  • Offline native alert.
  • Google Play ready APK / AAB files.
  • App store seamless build upload.
  • Certificates and IDs files.
  • Back button press.
  • Instant free updates

Thank you for trusting our services since 2018 and looking forward to supporting more Bubblers converting their apps into native mobile apps without code! In the meantime Ideate, Nativate!


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DO NOT use this service. There is no customer support and I cancelled months ago and Sam has continued to charge me. I’m having to contact my bank to submit a claim of fraud to stop the direct debits.

This is surprising @sam20!

Have you cancelled your subscription?
Do you have multiple accounts on Nativator?

We don’t charge unless your account is still active. You can cancel your sub under ´billing ´ any time and payment will stop.

Please send an email to:, refund will be processed if justified.

We do not scam or fraud people Sir.

In fact you had two subs under Sam Royle (greg@xxxxx ). One 6.99 and another 9.99.

We have cancelled your active sub directly. Total of 13.98 USD was charged.

The DRAMA of it all!

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Last thing I wanted to do was put this on a public forum but the bubble community needs to know about this.

I first cancelled in July, and I have been messaging you directly on Linkedin and on the customer service portal and have been ignored for months on both while you’ve continued to charge me, don’t think it’s much of a surprise. I’ve been forced to contact my bank and place a fraud claim as it was the only way to cancel the direct debit from my side.



Not to add to the drama here, but what I find interesting about this thread is how quickly(ish) you replied in it, @Sam.

@sam20 was critical of your services back in September, and I replied in that thread by linking to your main thread (which was eventually removed, by the way), a thread that also had plenty of folks voicing their concerns and a thread in which you hadn’t replied in a year (even after I pinged you directly in the thread).

So, I do think the question of whether or not your service is alive, well, and supported is a fair one because you seem to have missed all the drama in the removed thread.



I am also caught in purgatory, not receiving a finished app or response to my outreach for weeks. Really disappointing and will be forced to take it up with my credit card company.