Navbar Scroll to Page Element

My goal is for a user to be able to click a button on the navigation bar, and then to be scrolled down to that relevant part on the home page. So if they click on ‘About us’, they get scrolled down to the ‘About us’ section.

When I try adding a workflow to the navigation bar, it doesn’t let me access elements outside of it (i.e. the about us section). This happens vice versa too, when I try adding a workflow to the home page, I can’t access the navigation bar.

How do I make this work? Thank you in advance!

Are you using a reusable element? If so, don’t, then you should be able to scroll to the element!

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@johnny Thank you! Do you know of a way to convert it into a non reusable element, or should I just recreate the nav bar again?

I think redoing it will be your best shot

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