Navigate repeating group with arrow keys?

Is there a way to navigate through a repeating group’s list with keyboard arrow keys?


This feature would be awesome!


I did it my own way with icons and repeating group go to next or previous. It’s more work and not ideal, especially if you want to go to a certain page number but it’s all I could find to do

Yeah, client specifically wants to be able to use arrow keys on keyboard though. Appreciate your suggestion!

I have not tried this but you can maybe try to get the sum of items in the RG divided by the number of rows in your RG and calculate number of pages. Then do a custom state for pages.

Don’t know if it will work but it’ll be interesting to see what you can do.

How would that work? Go to next page as the user use the keys? Not sure i see the interaction here.

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My use case is a horizontal scroll of a repeating group. Each cell displays an image, that’s it - previewing thumbnails. Client wants to be able to scroll through each cell using the arrow keys.

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Go to next page was the idea but like I said, it’s not something I tried, it was only an idea. Guess it wasn’t a good one :sweat:

I just ran into the same use case and found this solution, I know this is an old thread but just in case it helps anyone.

document.onkeydown = function(e) {
        switch (e.keyCode) {
            case 37:
            case 39:


Hey Roman - were you able to figure out a solution to this by any chance? I have a horizontal rg as well and would love to have that type of functionality!

Try AirKeyboard plugin. Worked for me.

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