Navigating Back to a Page with Specific Custom State

I have index page with custom state of A, B, and C.
I also have page 2. There is a button on index page (custom state B) that will navigate the user to page 2. When the user click on “back” icon (back to index page), the custom state is A. How can I go back to index with custom state “B”?

You can do it with a URL parameter with the value of the same type as the custom state. On the index page add a workflow that checks the parameter. If parameter is not empty → set the value to the custom state.

On the page 2 on the workflow of the back button add the url parameter to the "go to " action. In your example it should be “B”. When index page is loaded the workflow will read the “B” from the url parameter and set it as the value of the custom state.

Thank you! I will try it and give an update after.

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