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Hello. Can’t figure out how to hover or click over an element or group in the header(which is a floating group) and make a navigation menu appear(from inside the header or out) as a result. Sort of like bubble home header, where you click on your email and options appear below it. Thanks in advance for the help…

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Ha funny, I just posted a header question to the forum right after you!

You’ll want to use a combination of conditional formatting and custom states. Here’s some screenshots of how I set mine up.

Step 1: Set the Starting State

Step 2: Show the dropdown when clicked

Step 3: Hide the dropdown when clicked again

Step 4: Add your hover states

Also. make sure the dropdown is set to not show by default when the page is loaded.

Hope this helps!


Also, take this info into account, as it adjusts how you structure the header a little bit

How to approach reusable headers with dropdowns?

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