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How To Do This Header Menu Dropdown Navigation...?

I’m trying to replicate this dropdown on hover effect

But can’t do it with a group because every time I move my mouse over the element the condition on the group goes off, and the focus group doesn’t trigger on hover for some reason. Am i doing something wrong with this focus group that it won’t trigger on hover?

With a regular group, you can do something like “when text is hovered or when this group is hovered > make visible”

With focus group, you need to get a little crafty. You can make another element (that is transparent) visible when the text is hovered and then create a workflow: Do when condition is true > when transparent element is visible > show focus group.

Is there a way to set the State of an element on hover by chance?

I tried using a standard group but the moment i roll over an element that doesn’t trigger the condition that keeps the group visible it disappears.

I also need the ability to show different content INSIDE of the dropped down element depending on which of the links they’re hovering over at that time (like the example site).

PM’d to @romanmg instead.

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