Need a Bubble Expert for building some functionalities for a basic appointment booking app

Hey I am building a very basic Booking appointment website.
Need help in some of its functionalities as well as database setup.
Its almost ready.

I have budget of $20 .

Anyone willing to do it?
I also have reference website for your better understanding.


Unfortunately, think you need to get a tad bit higher than 10$…


It doesn’t involve any complexities 10$ is what I can propose, if requires I will pust upto 20

Hi @Devansh_21

Please share me the details. I’m willing to collaborate with you.


Thanks & Regards

Hey @Devansh_21 ,

I dropped you a DM, looking forward to your reply.

Hi, I think I can help. Please, check out my works on my marketplace and reach out if you think I can be of a great help to you. Thanks.

I guess I have a simple template for $3 - check it out and message me on improvements for your project.

Milena Contributor Profile | Bubble

How did you get that template verified and listed on the marketplace without providing demo login details? Bubble is supposed to require all templates on the marketplace to have login functions for demonstration purposes of every user type that app provides for.

It’s an excellent and simple startup template, that enables you use our own email, or a demo email created by you to login and also enable you understand how to manipulate bubble workflow with its database connectivity.

You can enhance its login security options to your own requirements and lot more. Thank you.