Freelance Job Post

Main Function

  • Creation of an app for scheduling medical appointments, with confirmation based on the schedule of registered doctors


Creation of Reports:

  • databases containing user information
  • scheduled appointments
  • exams done
  • values paid by patients
  • database of 1- service providers, 2- doctors, laboratories and 3- -
    clinics with value controls and procedures performed.

We already have the design developed. You only need to create a few more screens like the Schedule calendar of the doctor.

We have a bunch of projects to make it done.

Our Budget to this project is $300,00

Have a Look:

If you are interested , just PM .

Hi Gabriel,

I would like to help you. Please let me know when we can discuss this project with you.
I have also worked on a similar project like this previously.

Adrian W. (CIS)

Hi Gabriel,

I should be able to develop this for you…
You can reach me on [email protected]

Best Wishes

$300,00 - is that $300USD??

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Just my friendly reminder here, if you’re storing any sort of PII data, Bubble is not going to be able to protect you well enough for HIPAA compliance. If you’re not based or serving the USA, maybe that’s not an issue, but I’d hate for you to get down this road and discover it won’t be suitable for your needs.

Sure $300USD

Thank you so much for the advice Andrew, but that is not my case.

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