Need a developer to implement XML conversion app

We need a Bubble app to convert XML files to different formats. Is anyone interested in doing this?

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Hello @rogerbretyne

We’ll be glad to help you out with this. Check your PM please and feel free to leave your request on our website, or just email us at .

Regards EzCode Team !

Hi Roger,
I have worked extensively with XML files in the past and would be glad to help.
Feel free to reach out to me on
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Hi, you can use a XML to JSON converter server side action, it’s quite easy to implement, and once you get it to JSON format or even then to a normal Javascript object you can do pretty much anything with it, here’s the code:

// so you grab the node library that gives this functionality
var convert = require('xml-js');  

//  now you convert the XML to JSON format
let result = convert.xml2json(xmlString, {compact: true, spaces: 4});

// Optional, do this only if useful (probably will be), now you convert that JSON to a normal Javascript object
let asObj = JSON.parse(result);

// do whatever you want with the object


Dear Roger,
Will be happy to help you with this. Please connect with me at

Is it possible to initialize a api request (xml) with the api connector and utilize the ‘XML-js’ library to parse the results? Or do the results need to come back in Json format?


Not possible to use what I provided from the API connector, only from a server side action.

whats a good way to accompish this? without having to use a 3rd party like (parsing xml responses)

Using Bubble’s server side action feature, like I said… requires coding, however.

LOL. That doesn’t look easy to me. Where does one even begin to set something like that up?

Hahah well… create a new plugin, open it in the plugin editor, create an action, choose server side in the dropdown, paste that in the code area.

Then replace console.log(asObj); with the code that performs what you want done. Or even skip the optional step and use result which is the XML converted to JSON in a stringified form in case that’s what you want to work with.


This is the a hidden benefit of Bubble - you get to learn things as you go :smiley:

If you keep struggling, let me know, will try to walk you through it :slight_smile:

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Hi @funwtp Very true. I’ve got a lot of the basic bubble actions figured out, but when it comes to anything beyond that I get lost pretty quickly. Thanks for your offer! I may take you up on it. :slight_smile:

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