Looking for a Bubble developer with XML/JSON experience


Looking for someone with experience working with Bubble and XML data sets. I need some help with implementation of XML data sets through Bubble (whether with JS or another way).

The project requires implementation of HMRC-created XML schemas (about 36) into my Bubble app which helps exporters submit export declarations in the new format (XML, based on a schema - most people wouldn’t know how to fill one out, so I’m looking for a way to do it in Bubble in a more accessible way).

Would also likely need help maintaining the code and keeping track of changes in the XML schemas - they tend to occur monthly - so that changes in Bubble can be made. So, willing to consider a temporary part-time contract, depending on the experience.

UK or Ireland preferred. Remote.


Hey, i can help you with it, and wont charge you, after the work if you like you can give me a compensation of my time.

Dm me some more details about your app and what you want to achieve.