Need a freelancer for a video app

We are looking to create a desktop app that allows people to select a couple of questions or write their own and then answer them by recording themselves speaking. The videos should be immediately editable with the questions and video answers and able to be shared privately or on social media.


Hello am interested with the project kindly reach me out via email: [email protected] and we can schedule a call and you take me through the project description.

I would love to be part of this project … Kindly send me a message so we can get stated

Hi just seeing this.

I should be able to help with this but depending on how you edit the video can really affect the time to complete it. Video editing can be tricky and even more so streaming. I’m based in New York City and have built a start-up on and raised money for it. And I’ve been an engineer for 12 years, full-time…

Let me know if you want to talk. You can email me at [email protected]

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