Need a Freelancer to make final touches to an App

Looking for a Freelancer to make a few finishing touches to a application. The changes I need are:

  1. A hyperlink on the home page shows up in the development mode but not on the site in production.

  2. A few drop down’s do not have any options available and so no one can create an account. Need to create an “Add” button so users can add their own options.

  3. Need to add an option to pay per appointment instead of hourly.

Please respond below or email me a quote for these at [email protected]. Will be looking for a long term relationship as well for future improvements or bug fixes. Thank you!

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Hey @ddonley :wave:

Would you consider getting one-on-one help to do the changes yourself? I could tutor you through zoom and show you how to make those changes to your app.

If you are interested you can check out my site.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Hi @ddonley

SparkDev is an experienced developers team who can help you with your app.

I’ve sent you an email with details, please check and write back to me.

Best regards,

[email protected]