Looking For Help Finishing My App!

I’ve been working on my app in bubble.io for a few months.

I’m at the point where the main big picture stuff is done, but having trouble focusing on ironing out all the smaller details and such that users wouldn’t like (such as certain functions not working at all or properly).

Therefor I’m interested if there’s a good fit with someone out there to help me finish it!

Traits I’m looking for:

  • Timely
  • Responsive
  • Ability to work on screen-sharing collaborative call sessions
  • Great communication
  • Can make progressive daily (M-F)
  • Detail oriented
  • Committed

Pay would be around $10 to $14 an hour, for a few hours to start. Slow at first and see if we can develop something sweet!

If that’s you or know someone who interested in this type of work please let me know.


PS: if you want to know the app, it’s like upwork, fiver, task rabbit, etc. with marketplace both sides type of thing (can view at https://assisttheapp.com/). Thanks!!!

I’d be happy to help out, your rate is far under my usual rate so I’d be happy to help out free of charge.

Are you available this evening for a session? GMT+1 timezone.

You might ask yourself why? I’m planning to offer consultation soon as one of my core services and this is a good opportunity for feedback =)

p.s you can always send me some coffee :shushing_face:

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WOW thank you!!

Yes I’m available tonight! I don’t know how to use GMT+1 time yet, but I am in US eastern time zone (currently it’s 1:17PM) - just let me know what time works for you!

Yes I will buy you coffee for entire month :smiley:

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Sent you a PM :wave:

I’m a fullstack developer turned bubble.io developer. I have developed quite complex apps on bubble and would love to work with you.
https://www.iuvo.us was developed by me - it’s clicky fast and among the most complex apps built on bubble.

Lemme know if you’re looking for someone, I have also got the design experience as I designed and built that app, so could help you out with that too!