Need an App, would you recommend Fiverr?

Hi everyone.
I have a website built on Wix, and I have a mobile app I purchased pre made and adapted to my requirements. The app is available on both IOS and Android right now, but I am seeing issues and shortcomings already and I am not that happy with it now that actual users are on the app.

The app itself is pretty basic, but I want someone that can build it on bubble which was recommended to me by people on Clubhouse.

The website is subscription based. The subscribers gain access to members only pages that have educational material and a private area where we livestream to.
We wanted to be able to send push notifications to subscribers, but the Wix app that is offered to us, does not send push notifications just to paid subscribers, but it sends push notifications to everyone that has signed up as interested on our page, even if they have not completed the payment. That is why I went the route of finding an app that can send push notifications. But then I found a finished app with several functions that you can add or take away. So I ended up adding a facebook-like feature to the app besides the push notifications, and a couple of IFrame style sections that point to the area on our website where we show the private livestreams so people can see it on the app directly and one that points to a google drive document that we update daily and they can see the updated values every day from the app.

The app does not talk to the Wix website subscriber database, so the users have to create a new account on the app with the same credentials as the website and we check the canceled users report every night to compare to the users on the app and delete the ones that are no longer subscribers. So…very tedious.

I’ve been searching on Fiverr and see many options, but wanted to ask you guys if you would recommend using Fiverr or preferably a freelancer here?

I need the app to have push notifications that get delivered instantaneously and stay in an area for users to access later , and keep at least 2 days worth of alerts before they get deleted.
It needs to have a Facebook-like feature.
It needs to be able to access areas of our website.
It needs to be in IOS and Android.
It needs to access a subscription users database in a Wix website so it can sync the users on both, and when a subscription is cancelled and loses access on the website, he loses access of the website as well, or the other way around.
It needs to have access to payment via Stripe and via In App Purchase so it can be allowed in the App Store.

If anyone here is interested as well, please reach out and let me know .

Thank you

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I’ve gotten some replies via PM with very broken english, but very english sounding names. Is this normal?

Súper normal. I’ve gotten some solid work on fiver but the less you pay, the less you should expect. That said, I often see low priced deals that end up costing more after talking to the seller. I’ve worked on fiver doing English paper writing help and made decent money cause I’m worth it when it comes to proofreading and offering technical writing help.

The less you pay, usually the lower end product you’ll get but it might be enough to get you where you need to go with only some tweaks.

Pay more and at least you can rely on the no BS guarantee offered by fiver.