Push development needed ASAP

I´ve built an app and need it to make automated push notifications after certain events are triggers eg: your profile receives a like you get a push notification with a personalized text.

If anyone is interested send me a budget detailing:

  • Previous bubble+push notifications developments (mandatory)
  • How much time it will take you
  • $


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If you are willing to build it yourself, @copilot has a course that is being released soon on notifications.


Thanks for the reply jballou,
already spent a lot of time trying to do myself. I need a pro that has done this before

I know that @copilot also is doing consultations- may be open to development as well.

An alternative for mobile: If your target audience is closed, in others words, an audience that you have control over; you might want to take a look at a service like https://pushover.net (not an endorsement)

You users would install the app and your web app will send notifications indirectly via that app.

There are many other options out there…


You mean native app push or a system within your web app that allows for notifications?

I 'd be glad to assist you.
Sent you PM with further details.

Thanks everyone for your timely answers,

already working it out with someone.