Need bubble pro

We have found a developer, thanks for all of your comments.

$500 for all this? :rofl:

I think people need to understand that even though it’s no-code, it’s still app development.


Agree. Too many requirements and many “only” conditions for $500.

Why don’t you try to do it yourself? It’s easy to engage with Bubble

Good luck!


Hello @brrich2007,

If you add this type of restrictions and pay after work done then i think no one work for you. Sorry for suggestion but its true. If you are not believe someone then no one believe you too for payment.


You may be right about the payment, I should have been clearer, we would do an Paypal escrow, then after Q & A we would release the funds. thanks for pointing that out, it’s been corrected.

Maybe I will?

Hi @brrich2007

Can you tell how many hours you expect the work to be done based on your expertise with Bubble?

Can you clarify if any of the above functionality has been built in bubble or are you looking for everything listed above to be built from scratch? If none of it has been built, then the budget doesn’t work.

For e.g., I recently built an affiliate module for one of my apps and just that piece alone involves a lot of thinking and building. Scope would include creating an affiliate account, generating links, tracking clicks, tracking conversions, reporting, calculating commissions, etc.

Just… wow.

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php :rofl:

it’s all been built, but is not fully functional.

Ok… Glad you found someone. Cheers.