Need dedicated IP address solution

There is an API I’m trying to implement in my app. The problem is the API owner only allows a finite number of IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses) that can make API calls. The number of IP addresses they allow is far fewer than the random IP address that my Bubble app randomly “lands on”. That being said, the API works only randomly (very randomly) when the IP address my Bubble app lands on is in the list of IP addresses I listed on the API account I entered. My question is, does anyone have a workaround or suggestion for me to avoid this issue? BTW I can’t afford the dedicated plan, so that’s a non starter for a solution.

Dedicated plan Will be your only option pure bubble, ask them about domain whitelisting as an alternative potentially.

or you could get creative with a non bubble route and get a Google cloud script that you call via API on bubble that then calls the API in question and when a response is returned fires off a web hook to the bubble API returning all info from the API in question. Not pretty but would solve your issue.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah the price of the dedicated plan is way (way way) out of my price range. Perhaps I’ll explore the Google cloud script route, depending on how heavy a lift it is.


Wherever you go you have to shell out proper amount for this but here are some other alternatives that will probably need coding as well

Cloudflare one they have a dedicated IP address and you can certainly write workers that will act as middlemen for your API

You can also do the same thing maybe with linode. But you’ll probably also need a node service to act as middleman as well

This is just off the top of my head obviously each solution has is advantages and disadvantages technically and price-wise.

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