Need experienced developer

Hello Everyone!

I just started my clothing store few months ago. Now, I decided to build app for my business where we are selling wide range of coats. For this purpose, I need experience developer, visit store & let me know how this procedure gonna work.



Thanks for help, i will definitely check out the directory

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If you need a dev who just built a online store and has a business like yours, let me know.

Rates: $20 hour.

I’m a fullstack developer turned developer. My background in code allows me to build even more complex and faster bubble apps by custom coding as and when required - so there’s no limit to what I can build with bubble.

I also have background in UI UX design so the apps I build are typically much better and easier to use than those built with no UX experience.

I’d love to work on this concept and I’m interested in discussing more with you. I would love to walk you through my other bubble projects that I’ve built and you can judge the quality and design for yourself!

Please use this link to schedule a call with me -


Hey friend. I can makes this for you.

What you store is built on now? Do you want to make a mobile app?