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🎉 [New plugin] Json table / spreadsheet (like excel)

Hey guys! I just released a plugin that allows you to add a table / spreadsheet to bubble. After trying all of the paid options available, I still couldn’t find a plugin that would let me properly manage data in my table. (I even offered to pay plugin owners - no luck!)

I wanted users to input a list of info (like addresses and names) and make new bubble data with those inputs. I finally decided to make my own plugin for this, and I think it turned out quite good! Not only does it accomplish this, but it’s flexible enough to be used for almost anything table-related.

You aren’t limited to just text boxes. Choose between text, checkbox, dropdown, autocomplete field, number-only, radio, calendar, image, and color picker. I focused on customization and support. If anyone has ideas to improve the plugin, I’ll try my best to update it.

:sparkles: Features :sparkles:

  • Import your own Json data to display in the table
  • Export data as Json
  • Custom cell types
  • Custom colors / style
  • Download spreadsheet as CSV
  • Choose between editable or non-editable table
  • Make certain columns read-only
  • Table searching
  • Pagination
  • Lazy loading (for large amounts of data)
  • Copy / paste from other spreadsheets

:link: Documentation

:link: Demo

:link: Editor

:link: Plugin page


Great job and nice documentation. :muscle:

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Thank you!!

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